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Akhtar Masih


E-mail: akhtarabisha@gmail.com

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- Serving Lord since 1995
- Education: BA, M. Div. (in progress)
- WhatsApp: 0315 526 0778
- Phone: 0336 508 0676


My name is Akhtar Masih, I am married with four children. God has called me for His work and using though different gifts for extension of His kingdom on earth. I am leading a house church of 10 to 15 people in Said Pur village in Islamabad. I have burning heart for nations in Pakistan and currently involved in Gypsies who have more than 16 tribes in Pakistan, currently I am involved in two trides. I want to proclaim the good news in different areas of Pakistan. . I am doing my M.Div degree as well from Zarephath Bible Seminary.

I was giving Education which is the main tool I am using among poor Gypsies children. This school is self supported by my own only that is the reason it is not growing successful. I need a couple of teachers there who could help me in this project on the other hand the support to teachers (salary) is required as well. Church is somehow silent in Mission work that is why I am seeking some support and encouragement to win the hearts for great commission.

Evangelist Akhtar and wife Nazia have great heart for the Pakistani Gypsies


Evangelist Akhtar and family after sharing sermon on Mission in 2019

House church in Said Pur Village


Evangelism in Islamabad in past years along with other local churches:

  1. I proclaimed the good news-the word of God with the sponsorship of different churches which was somehow difficult to get money from them for banners to hang in different areas of Islamabad because it was not their burden.
  • G-8, Islamabad
  • F-6, Islamabad
  • Iqbal town, Islamabad
  • Iqbal Town highway bridge, Islamabad
  • Zia Masjid entrance bazar, Islamabad
  • Iqbal Town highway bridge, Islamabad
  • Iqbal town, Islamabad
  • I-9, Islamabad
  • I-8 Double road, Islamabad
  • Iqbal Town, Islamabad
  • Zia masjid Highway Bridge, Islamabad
  • F-6, Islamabad
  • F-6, Islamabad
  • F-7, Islamabad

A friend Naveed is cutting the Hair and making shave of an old blind man during Mission Trip – 2015

In 2014 I bought the repairing shoes tools but I did not know how to mend the shoes well. But in 2015 Mission Trip I learn and mended the shoes in better way as well as polished. This is just a tool to get involved with the people and share the love of God along with good news that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

When I washed the feet the old men lifted their hands up to sky and praise the God and bless us as well. Look this is fulfillment of Matthew 5:16.

  • Giving caps to children
  • Giving literature to gypsies friends (Jesus movie in CD)
  • cutting the Hair and making shave
  • A friend Naveed is cutting the Hair and making shave of an old blind man during Mission Trip – 2015
  • A friend Naveed is cutting the Hair and making shave of an old blind man during Mission Trip – 2015
  • Akhtar is Mending Shoes during Mission Trip - 2015
  • Washing Feet of Old men during Mission Trip 2015
  • Washing Feet of Old men during Mission Trip 2015
  • Washing Feet of Old men during Mission Trip 2015

God is using me in Churches to equip for the accomplishment of great commission.

Without the involvement of Church, Missions is incomplete and impossible. So God is using me to equip the Church as well. In a couple of Churches I shared the sermon on the importance of Mission work in Pakistan and motivated the people by giving them new testaments so they could be involved practically through sharing and giving the new testaments to unreached where they work or whom they know.

  • Books and used clothes stall in Aabpara Market, Islabmabad on New Year evening 2018
  • Sorting and packing of New Testaments (Geo Links) for book stalls in Islamabad
  • Sorting and packing of New Testaments (Geo Links) for book stalls in Islamabad

Mission Trip to Gypsies – 2021 on Eid-e-Qurban

We made Mission trip to Gypsies in 4 places in two days of Eid e Qurban
  • One of Gypsies friend showing his love in return and giving us rings as a gift
  • Sharing the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ with people during mission trip to Punjab - 2021
  • We bought bangles, Hina, baloons and chocolates on Eid day to celeberate Eid e Qurban with Gypsies children and adults
  • Sister Rehana is putting on bangles to the children in Sohawa-Punjab during mission Trip
  • Showing love through washing feet during mission trip to Punjab - 2021
  • Giving SD card during mission trip to Punjab - 2021

Gypsy Tribes in Pakistan

Khokhar Churi Mar
Mirasi Oad
Lali Fakeer Baid Kut
Gagra Bazigar
Jogi Spaira
Kallander Ramdasi
Barar Keehan
Sansi Meihang

Rise to Shine Gypsies School in Slumps

Currently I am working among Khokhar and Mirasi tribes and have school there which is stopped due to not having financial support to run this school, the children are getting old and I still regret that I could not give education to the most deserving children who are already neglected by their parents as well as by the other societies and communities of Pakistan.

I was giving education without any support from church or organization; there is a wide field where Mission work can be done with different helping tools. So needs your prayers and encouragement to fulfill the great commission through the some loving tools in Gypsies.

  • Celebrating Easter with School children in the past
  • Celebrating Easter with School children in the past
  • Sports day near Gypsies slums
  • Celebrating Christmas with School children in the past

God is using me with below strategies in these days:

  1. I am motivating and preparing the churches for direct involvement for the great commission
  2. I used to give lift to strangers on bike and share the good news the Jesus Christ who is the great hope for the lost and seekers
  3. I go to the poor gypsies and share the riches of Jesus in twin cities  Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  4. I distribute the word of God on different major occasions and put Mission Book Stalls in Islamabad as well
  5. I used to go to the addicts and share the Lord Jesus; the peace love and comfort (occasionally)
  6. During shopping and public dealing God is using me to share the good news
  7. I evangelize the people on daily basis; I have asked God for at least 1 person a day and sometime God has been given me 7 people a day

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for the 3 months Missional campaign (March, April and may) flyers are attached. Pastor Munawar is leading this campaign for the Muslims in the month of Ramadan and I am actively involved with them in this campaign
  2. We are planning to have mission trip in Punjab on coming Eid day in 1st May, 2022 to celebrate with them and share the goodnews
  3. Pray for Gypsies School “Rise to Shine” and its staff and may God restart it
  4. Pray for proper syllabus and uniform for the School.
  5. Pray for the Gypsies Colonies and their corporation with us.
  6. Pray for prayer partners may God fill their hearts to pray for us as whole team and the work.
  7. Pray for financial supporters may God touch them to invest in the field to extend the Kingdom work on this earth.
  8. Pray for the whole set up as we are struggling for a long time without any particular support
  9. We have heart to give 2nd hand clothes and shoes to the Children in summer and winter season.
  10. Pray for likeminded people to be part of God’s work to us joining and work with us.
  11. Pray that may God provide us Health Providers for the Gypsies.

Please consider this request not for me but for the work of God and extension of His kingdom on this earth. I am alone cannot do this Missional tasks in Pakistan but if you people give hand and encourage and appreciate me and team we can succeed for His glory among the nations, we can shine to the nations and in return they can praise and accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you and God bless all of you

Akhtar and Team

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